Happy with Your Dream! a journey to make Your Dream come True…

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Maybe you feel like it will never happen to you. But that mindset can lead to depression and can sap you of your energy to actually make it happen for yourself.

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Try these five strategies and start to make the changes you need to go in the direction of your dream. Be part of the second camp. Cultivate the three Ps: practice, perseverance, and persistence.

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  • Then add passion and pursuit to the mix. You chose your dream, now believe in it.

    2. Be Courageous.

    It is precisely all those needs, wants, desires — in a word, all those heartfelt passions — that become the driving force behind our perseverance. It is so sad to witness some people, seemingly without much passion for life.

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    They are lacking great passion, and so they drift through life, often bored, unhappy and even jealous of others who are successful. Without much passion for anything, they can even drift into all kinds of negative behaviour. Yes, dreams, visions for your future, that will get you out of bed in the morning. However, perhaps the first step is to realise that, with a little bit of effort, thought, and help from other loving people, there may well be a better life possible.

    I believe that, for all of us, more is possible. Perhaps even living some of your dreams. You have the persistence deep within.


    To understand that everything is as it is without giving any meaning to it. But in a practical way it is still useful to be positive about some things. It really made my life interesting. It gave me a purpose. Ways to make a difference in this world. I have seen a lot of spiritual people who try to become so enlightened that they start eliminating all their earthly desires. They get stuck in a thought that they must be no one. And there is no point in anything.

    Just meditate and be happy, right? Well, whatever someone prefers, but I would like to share a story of mine about a time when I struggled with this dilemma. I was an exchange student living in Portugal. At one point I got stuck in my old habits of watching TV series or playing computer games.

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    I felt like shit. I really wanted to do something about it, but my mind was clever and told me to accept everything as it was. Somehow taking action to improve your life had become bad because a spiritual teacher on YouTube was talking about making peace with any situation.

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    I expressed this in one of my articles called Prison Break. My mind was clearly controlling me using the spiritual teachings, because well… the mind is clever and knows ways to create resistance, but I managed to return to my senses. When you listen to your heart, you get access to a much more powerful source of wisdom than any teaching out there. Like they say … one can point to the right direction, but never show you the real truth unless you experience it for yourself.

    You take action to get unstuck because that is a preferable and completely rational thing to do. Have balance in everything and never believe any of your thoughts too much despite their appearance!

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    Even when happiness is accessible in every situation and not dependent on the external circumstances, it is still true that we are alive and like to express ourselves in fulfilling ways. I believe that happiness is also about growth and learning. Challenges and excitement. To enjoy a life of meaning and movement.

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    • Happiness is ultimately living and being connected to the world around us. Playing with the surroundings and our bodies as we did when we were children. It is a spontaneous flowing that comes from the heart. It just grows.