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She played thumb war with her younger sister and cousins. She cracked smiles and laughed at my bad jokes.

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Soon, arrangements were made for her to be transferred to a rehab center for children who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. The night before her move, I spent the night with Elizabeth while her parents returned home to pack some of her things. While she wavered in and out of sleep, I spent the night in prayer, asking God for healing, hope, and more miracles.

I prayed God would bless her family with more comfort and courage. I prayed in gratitude for the blessings in the midst of the painful circumstances. Miracles came gradually and unexpectedly. God was the source of all mercy and healing, and God was making so much good come out of the pain.

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Reflection 152: The Mystery of the Grace of Suffering

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It was through His intense suffering on the Cross that the salvation of the world came about. And by freely embracing all suffering, He made it the means and source of all grace. By so doing, Jesus also invites us to see our sufferings as an opportunity for grace. By embracing it, uniting it to His Cross, and offering it to the Father, our suffering is also able to take on infinite value and become a channel of the Mercy of God.

Suffering can be very difficult and yet unavoidable most often in life. Rather than run from it, reflect, today, upon the fact that God is able to use your suffering for good.

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This is a mysterious calling and requires the greatest of faith and trust. I woke up sick every morning for nearly a year from taking the medications I would now be on for life. I felt like an outsider at school. I turned to my parents and to my twin sisters for support.

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Still, it took a long time for me to recover. Then, at age 24, when life finally seemed to be getting back to normal, another blow. Multiple sclerosis.

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Would I lose my ability to walk one day? Would I be able to endure a life of pain and the loneliness that comes with it?


Pain is like a prison. It isolates us, cutting us off from others. After all, only we can feel our pain.

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How we live in a fallen world where suffering is the price of sin. None of those reasons answered that question in my mind. If God exists and God is good, why do we suffer?

Where is God when we do? The front door was locked.