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It will also address politics in Asia by examining pre-colonial systems of government, Western imperialism, national liberation movements, and proxy wars fought by the Superpowers in the Cold War. This course is important because the Asia-Pacific has given rise to several of the U. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: explain how religion and culture impact government and political systems in Eastern Asia; discuss philosophies of government in Eastern Asia from ancient times to the present; identify the ways in which Western imperialism has impacted Eastern Asia; demonstrate an understanding of systems of governance currently in existence in Eastern Asia; analyze contemporary political and security issues in Eastern Asia that may impact U.

During recent years the phenomenon of Boko Haram has dominated policy debates During recent years the phenomenon of Boko Haram has dominated policy debates among academics and policymakers interested in African and Nigerian politics. Yet, many issues about the sect remain unclear and contested. This collection of articles on Boko Haram by selected experts is essential reading for those interested in Nigeria, and the broader issues of state building, terrorism, humanitarian emergencies, conflict resolution and intrastate violence.

However, the fall of authoritarian regimes did not always seem to benefit Civil Society — whilst Political Islamic movements often took advantage. In this course, the student will explore campaigns and elections, learning their In this course, the student will explore campaigns and elections, learning their purpose and significance and observing the impact that they have on the American political system.

The course will focus on the history and evolution of elections and voting laws in the United States, as well as what compels individuals to run for office and how campaigns are structured. Also, the course will teach the student the role that political parties, interest groups, voters, and the media play in elections. Lastly, the student will take a closer look at electoral outcomes and the impact that elections have on public policy after votes are counted, as well as what types of proposals could be implemented to improve our electoral system.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: explain the importance of elections, voting, democracy, and citizenship in the United States; describe the various types of elections that exist within the American political system; identify the legal and constitutional bases of campaigns and elections in the United States; explain the types of individuals that run for political office and why; analyze the influence of incumbency in elections; explain how candidates develop campaigns and financing; discuss the role of money in political campaigns; discuss the influence of political parties on campaigns and elections; describe the characteristics of the U.

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This course is an introduction to economics for non-majors and political economy, This course is an introduction to economics for non-majors and political economy, with an emphasis on the moral and ethical problems that markets solve, and fail to solve. Taught by Professor Michael Munger of Duke University, this course includes full length lectures, links to readings, and a sample final exam. This course examines the causes of war, with a focus on practical measures to prevent and control war. Topics include causes and consequences of misperception by nations; military strategy and policy as cause of war; religion and war; U.

This course surveys the social science literature on civil war. Students will Students will study the origins of civil war, discuss variables that affect the duration of civil war, and examine the termination of conflict. This course is highly interdisciplinary and covers a wide variety of cases. Filter Resources. Education Standards Education Standards:. Learning Domain:. Alignment Tag:. Science Domain:. Cross-Cutting Concepts:. Disciplinary Core Idea:. Minnesota Alignment Tag:. North Dakota Alignment Tag:. Open filters Close filters. Save Please log in to save materials.

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This is a discussion-based interactive seminar on the two major issues that A minor in political science allows students to analyze a variety of political phenomena, from the struggle for power to the search for the common good. One course from the political theory subfield listing. Two additional political science courses, at least one of which must be at the level 6 sem. Wells College promises a relevant liberal arts and sciences education. Intellectually challenging. Reinterpreted for today. Classroom teaching combined with hands-on learning. Wells graduates enter the world prepared for successful futures.

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Political Science. At the heart of political science analysis is the question of the struggle for power. The major exposes students to changing paradigms and schools of thought centered on how institutional and individual power is gained, organized, used, lost or abused. On This Page. Catalog Requirements Notice.

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  6. Political Science Major The total number of courses required for the major in political science is 14 semester hours. The focus on female thinkers allows for reflections on gender difference and equality. This course addresses international and Canadian human rights policies. Topics of study normally include international human rights law; a brief history of human rights; the question of cultural relativism and human rights; the right to development; the role of civil society in human rights; and human rights in Canadian foreign policy.

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    For their written assignment students are expected to pick one policy topic, explain its background, critique a major policy document such as an international human rights treaty, and make new policy proposals. We live in a world where populist leaders, movements and parties have shaken up the liberal-democratic traditions that inform Western political systems. However, it also shows itself on the left, with politicians such as Sanders in the US. Populists may also support leftist ideologies symbolized in social justice movements like Occupy and Black Lives Matter.

    Or, on the other side of the spectrum, populist movements may espouse extreme ideologies of white nationalism and nativism that feed into extreme anti-immigrant movements. Additionally, they all seem to agree that, for one reason or another, the current liberal democratic institutions have failed them. The rise of these ideas, ideologies, political parties and movements around the globe will be the focus of this course.

    The major questions addressed in this course are: What is populism? How does it relate to the crisis of democracy? Is there an actual crisis? What are the consequences of a populist explosion on liberal democratic systems as we know them?

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    The seminar will analyze these issues from a comparative perspective using examples from different parts of the world. This seminar examines the political cultures, political economies, party systems and policy outputs of the ten Canadian provinces — and, to a lesser extent, the three territories. Comeau SCC 15 ]. E: Political Science T: E: Dr. Patricia Goff T: Yasmine Shamsie T: Andrea Brown T: Book an advising appointment. Laurier Political Science Facebook Page.


    LaurierPoliSci Twitter Page. Search the website Search. Student Life. My Timetable. Event Calendar Categories. In this section k. Undergraduate Courses. Below you will find a list of available courses for the fall and winter term. PO Politics Within Borders This course explores the dynamic world of politics from a Canadian and comparative perspective.

    PO Politics Beyond Borders This course takes students on a journey through today's breathtaking global terrain. Notes PO is not a prerequisite for PO Notes An approved required course for the Legal Studies Option. PO Introduction to Law This course is designed to introduce student to the Canadian legal system. PO Asking Questions in Political Science: An Introduction to Research This course provides the foundation required to develop sound research projects, and the skills necessary to assess the quality of research conducted by others.

    PO Answering Questions in Political Science: Research in Practice Grounds students in the methods used to answer questions in political science and social science in general.

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    PO Poverty and Inequality in the Global South An examination of the causes and consequences of global social and economic poverty and inequality, and what sustainable solutions exist. PO U. Government I: The Polarization of American Politics A study of the setting and confrontational environment of the American political system including the political culture, extremism, the constitution, public opinion, the role of the media, elections, parties, money and interest groups.

    PO Politics in an Insecure World This course examines the principal ideas, actors, institutions, processes and power relations in world politics and their changing nature under forces of globalization and securitization. PO Markets, Money and International Politics Every day, huge quantities of products, sums of money, and numbers of people cross international borders.

    PO Pathways to Modern Politics Historical origins of the Western tradition, examining shifting ideas about freedom, power, and legitimacy against the ebb and flow of empires, the horrors of plague and war, the beginnings of capitalism and modern science, the rise of extraordinary sophistication in music and visual art, and the emergence of the sovereign territorial state. PO Big Debates in Modern Political Thought From its beginning in the 17th century, the modern world has been accompanied and shaped by debates about the role of the state in society, power of the majority, protection of human rights, individual liberty and social equality.

    PO Politics and Government in Canada This course is designed to introduce students to the contexts, institutions and processes that frame the practice of politics in Canada. Notes Canadian course. PO The Practice of Politics in Canada This course confronts the real world of Canadian politics and government through an examination of enduring and contemporary political challenges.

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    POx: Legal Advocacy Skills This course is designed to expose students to the set of skills that lawyers use on a daily basis in the practice of law. Note An approved required course for the Legal Studies Option. Note Canadian course. PO Canadian Environmental Policy Explores the context of Canadian environmental policy-making, including natural resource dependence, federalism, partisan, electoral and interest group dynamics, and political culture. PO The Reality of Democracy in Latin America This course examines challenges of building democracy in a region where the political, economic and social legacies of the colonial period and 19th century continue to have their effect.

    Note Area Studies course. PO Contemporary Security Issues This course examines global conflict and security in the post-Cold War era from a variety of theoretical perspectives with particular attention to contemporary debates and issues. PO The Global Politics of Human Displacement and Refugees This course will introduce students to the issues of human displacement and refugees in global politics.