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Anthony D'Amato The highly anticipated album Itinerant Arias by acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Christopher Paul Stelling arrived in stores last month. While Stelling has spent the last sever Out of the seven billion or so people on the planet only seven men have been lucky enough to be gifted with the Ramone surname. As of four have already headed off to that great gig in t Double the size of Germany, but with less than one million residents.

Perhaps lots o His work is an eclectic mix that combines Mississippi delta blues, folk music, traditiona The album will be released through Fuzz Club Records, home of Go Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Huber was a founding member of, and also had spent 6 years of playing banjo and heavy touring with the Milwaukee, WI based "streetgrass" gr From his latest album you clearly hear the big inspiration st With the heart of a genuine Texas bluesman, the head banging of a Zappa and Lemmy disciple, and boots resting in the dust outside of town at sunrise, Scott H.

Biram journeys through the ha Daniel Romano will bring Modern Pressure But it can be felt, running wild through a song. For all its offshoots and mutations, there remains the suspicion that country music has pretty strict border controls. Recent years have seen a number of artists, evidently mindful of being Skating Polly, the stepsister duo of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, often calls its music "ugly pop. The Deslondes are a five-piece band from New Orleans.

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In the time between the release of their self-titled debut and sophomore album, Hurry Home, The Deslondes have toured the world and draw To say that Mike Savino is an innovator would be an understatement. At the end of this summer Brat Farrar and Blackup will join forces and tour Europe again. Music site Twangville. He'll be touring on Careless Soul throughout The last few years have been nothing but the usual wild ride for Bob Wayne with numerous shows throughout Europe, North- and South America and this year will be nothing different.

With his Memphis punks Ex-Cult released a new nine-song full-lenght last September. If you're wondering where the music of Nashville troubadour Woody Pines comes from, look to the street.

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But, neither do voices like his. One of the most joyful things about bluegrass, aside from the uptempo banjo picking and fiddling, is how bands huddle around one shared microphone. Holy Moses! With their Today we can add a few more and tell you a little more about their res The third edition of this roots- and Americana f The Hyper Aware European And for good r With this announcement Noisey Canada premiered the first video of the upcoming release. With the release coming Touring under the moniker Tall Tall Trees, the banjo-wielding bard has reshaped the landscape of what is possible with the He and his band will be all over Europe in June and the s Amidst the euphoria of playing in bars, cafes, theaters, festivals, under bridges and in living rooms, were late night conversations with friends, new and old, about the undercurrents of ten The band from Raleigh, NC will hit the European road this week, taki Since that time they have travelled the highways of America and Europe delivering raw, high energ We're delighted to tell they will head over for the Huercas Dead Bronco started just four years ago and have since gone from playing the street corners of their hometown Getxo to touring through Europe.

Today we're happy to announce a bunch of dates The Guardian included them in their top 10 best country album Robert Ellis has named his new album Down By The River take We're very proud to announce Christopher Paul Stelling's first ever band shows in Europe. These shows will be the first in France, Belgium These guys all brought their musical talents together After a great tour last May - which blew us away - Mandolin Orange will return to the Benelux next week. The duo will be playing five shows of which two have already sold out.

These dates wi We are delighted to announce that Tim Easton will be the special opening guest on American Aquarium's forthcoming European tour. Tonight the tour kicks off in Nottingham and she will start touring the UK including the Celtic Connections in Born and raised in the working-cla With his thrift-shop wardrobe and unkempt hair, Jonny Fritz may look like the perfect specimen of the irony-first hipster, but the songs on his new fourth full-length are nothing if not sinc Taking in one of the Legendary Shack Shakers' thrilling, sometimes terrifying, live performances is akin to witnessing a gospel revival or even a snake-handling ceremony.

And for good reason Good Luck Charm is the second album by The Mastersons the collaboration that Chris Masterson shares with his marital and musical partner Eleanor Whitmore. Raw, deep, 'pur county' music; never trying to be anything he's not and consequently ensuring everything he does is genuine, with a total lack of affectation. Jason James' self-titled debut out through New West Records introduces a charismatic young artist whose effortless mastery of his chosen style serves as a deeply compelling vehicle for his The past two years have been massive for Whitney Rose, who is rapidly becoming an international sensation.

The universe is full of signs if you're open to them, and there could be no clearer omen for Jonah Tolchin than the mileage of that epic trip: he'd had made the perfect album for the perfect Memphis punks Ex-Cult released a new nine-song full-length last September. T, the indestructible three-man tank of Dutch rootsrock have returned. Next week the clubtour Today we announce additional tourdates including the Celtic Connections in Glasgow, prior to he mainland dates The past may be prologue, but for John Mark Nelson, the present is something else entirely: a gateway into a new era of life and the new sound that defines his new album, I'm Not Afraid.

A twentysomething Texan with movie-star looks, Cale Tyson made a splash in Americana circles with a debut steeped in sad, old-time flavours; he can even yodel convincingly, always a useful s Born in the heart of Ontario's lush forests and fields, Jenny Berkel's music has drawn her from rural Ontario to Winnipeg to Toronto and now, finally, to Montreal.

This constant shifting fin SNFU is a Canadian hardcore punk band. They formed in in Edmonton, and relocated to Vancouver in They have released ten full-length albums and are cited as a formative influence o With the US State Dept. Luke Winslow-King is a busy guy. With his fifth record he's about to start an European tour this Friday Joana Serrat has revealed her new video for Cloudy Heart. After a well-deserved vacation in Greece with his fiancee Christopher Paul Stelling got back on the road a couple of weeks ago supporting The Low Anthem.

Now the third - and last - leg of th Robert Ellis has a moon suit. Or a cosmic suit. Or, whatever you want to call it, the kind of suit that demands more than a cursory glance. Many of you have asked when Austin will be touring with a With his mixture of honky-tonk, western swing and rockabilly he rebels he's In February Darlingside will come to Belgium and the Netherlands for a couple of gigs. The band released the beautiful record Birds Say earlier this year and to promote this they are coming This spring Summer Cannibals released their 3rd album Full of It.

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They already toured the US and now they're touring in Europe. To do so wo She pens with a perception of why we do what we do in a way that buries a little of each of us in Sam Outlaw is a southern Californian singer-songwriter steeped in the music and mythos of west coast country, absorbing the classic vibes of everything from '60s Bakersfield honky-tonk to ' There is a fearless quality to the music of Christopher Paul Stelling.

A voice that sounds both old and young, an effortless yet intricate finger-picking guitar style and lyrics that are bot After a long tour that took Daniel Romano all over Europe between May and July of this year, he decided to stay in Europe for a little longer and add tourdates in The Netherlands, Belgium, F Folk musician Christopher Paul Stelling has been on the road for five years.

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Matthew Logan Vasquez is known to fans of folk and rock as the untamed frontman of Delta Spirit and one-third of the supergroup Middle Brother. When his mainstay outfit took a break after in Good Luck Charm is the second album by The Mastersons, the collaboration that Chris Masterson shares with his marital and musical partner Eleanor Whitmore. It's generously filled with infect A former advertising professional based in LA, Sam Morgan, at age 30, made an abrupt left turn three years ago to pursue his only real passion: music. We've never taken a look at JP Harris' tour luggage, but we're certain his bags include zero razors and an astounding amount of old-school honky tonk CDs.

The rough-and-tumble, blue-collar f Starting next week she will be over for a short promo tour followed by a release tour which we are happy t See all dates below! For those yet unknown Blues western punk noir. One-man looping extravaganza. That's New-Zealander Delaney Davidson. Using his unmistakable dark take on guitar-driven blues, country and rockabilly Davidson is alwa The relentless middle finger drive, catchy songwriting and deft production that set The Dwarves apart have never sounded better than on their latest album "The Dwarves Invented Rock 'n' Roll Years ago - before their raw - rowdy reboot of old-timey folk music landed them tours with Americana heavyweights like Levon Helm and the Alabama Shakes - Spirit Family Reunion played their On November 3rd they will release a new album, followed by a clubtour which is all announced today.

All with th Bob Wayne is a road warrior, he spends his days mostly on the road, proving the approximately shows we've booked for our favorite outlaw since That's 75 on average! From this weeke Many of you have asked Early country, rockabilly and After a successful tour that ended in Sweden only two days ago, we're now happy to announce more shows to Daniel Romano's September campaign. Last week the King of Mosey was confirmed for Ta For some time, Chris Staples was longing for things to return to the way they had been. The way they were before he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and his pancreas failed.

Before his bik The son Dale Watson is a honky tonk hero and country music maverick, a true outlaw carrying on where Waylon Jennings left off. Since releasing her debut album, "Here on a Wire", Canadian singer-songwriter Jenny Berkel has been intoxicating listeners with her evocative songs and voice. Both on her own and as part of Having previously announced Christopher Paul Stelling, J. Luke Winslow-King is a New Orleans-based guitarist singer composer producer and songwriter. His work is an eclectic mix that combines Mississippi delta blues folk music traditional jazz and TDM3 de It has only been little over two months since we last saw the Henhouse Prowlers on the ol' continent.

This month the band will be back to continue their non-stop touring schedule. Further ex Twain is the music of Mat Davidson. He has been writing and singing these songs for a decade now. One kind person des It was a hell of a party when these New York trio hit the stage. Let's have the party continue a A lot has been published about Daniel Romano the last two weeks. Noisey did an interview: "Daniel Romano is a chameleon and a bit of a liar. The truth we think we know is, as a musician and And now, as an encore, they've teamed up with a kindred spirit to r While J.

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The music of Kacy and Clayton exists outside of time, and burgeons with beautiful contradictions. We are excited to announce tourdates for Portland's Summer Cannibals. Johnny Dowd's new record is called "Execute American Folklore" - a grim title for a jolly record. Once again he played all the instruments, with assistance from his trusty drum machines. Tickets are on sale through the website of Poppodium Grenswerk, in Grenswerk eatery and at Sounds Venlo.

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See you there? Some busy weeks for Mandolin Orange after spending some time basking in the North-Carolina sun. The duo recently started taping a new album and now they have started their European tour. Today Joana Serrat is releasing her new record on Loose Music. Followed with a string of UK dates and NL festivals. Formed in the working class suburbs of industrial Birmingham in England in The Beat arose at a time of high unemployment and social upheaval. From the outset the band offered messages o But on his new album "Century Plaza" Find all April and May tourdates in this message, st Cale Tyson is easy to pick out in a crowd.

You can't miss him: just look for the tall guy in a Stetson hat and classic western wear. Put two and two together and it isn't hard to guess that Luke Winslow-King is looking ahead to a busy summer. From May till July he and his band will be touring across Europe.

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We are happy to add some UK dates to this tour.