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Well kept. Loads of depth. But it's great. Bonus happy memories. Keith B. Richard L. Keith S. John P.

Tommy W. New venue for me. Tastes a bit like lemonade towards the end. Stuart H. Greg M. Purchased at The Yarborough Hotel Wetherspoon. My senior year in high school in September or October This is the first time I hear the song and I am totally overwhelmed and enraptured by the music. It was clear to me at that moment that I had never before heard music so powerful, so new, so captivating. The memory is vivid in my mind to the extent that I can visualize my exact position in the room.

The Story Behind The Song: Ray Manzarek explains The Doors anthem ‘Riders on the Storm’

I have read John Densmore's Riders on the Storm in Polish translation and in one of the passages he mentions how many people have personal stories related to Light My Fire : making love for the first time, first time smoking a joint, first record bought. To me this is one of the best songs of the 20th century, a song which could well serve as a symbol for the entire generation that grew up in the s, the most interesting decade that I have lived through. The subtitle of Mr.

Densmore's book is My Life with Jim Morrison and The Doors ; the author who was the drummer of the band, indeed focuses more on Morrison, the vocalist, than on the band as a whole. Then he recollects his last phone conversation with Morrison, three weeks before his death. The book follows Mr. Densmore's childhood and youth and then, almost chronologically, relates the history of Jim Morrison and The Doors. In fact I find the these parts of the book the most interesting. The author's childhood experiments with drumming, his musical growth that leads to fascination with John Coltrane and incomparable Elvin Jones, Coltrane's drummer.

All that plus the captivating images of Los Angeles in the early-to-mid s, read much better than the somewhat pretentious pathos of the Prologue. Then come the years with the band, from playing small local clubs, through their big break - getting hired by the Whiskey a Go-Go club, to opening for more popular bands and finally their own fame.

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In the late s The Doors were one of the most popular bands in the world. Their phenomenal success was mainly due to Jim Morrison: his handsome boy physique, charismatic personality, riveting stage performances, unforgettable singing voice, and accomplished writing of lyrics to their songs. Morrison created the band and Morrison slowly destroyed it by gradually increasing the range of his excesses, both in substance abuse and in unconventional behavior. Along with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Brian Jones, Morrison is a member of the "27 club," that includes the great rock musicians who died at 27 years of age, at the peak of their fame, mainly due to heavy substance abuse.

I found one sad passage in the later part of the book particularly memorable. Densmore recounts how he and his bandmates, Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek - not being able to reach Jim Morrison at that time - sold the permission to use Light My Fire in a Buick commercial. Morrison never forgave them that the icons of the s hippie counterculture turned into businessmen.

Very readable book and my major complaint is that it could have been edited more thoroughly: from the Acknowledgments it is clear that the book was co-written by Mr. Cousineau - as a professional writer he could have tightened and generally improved the prose in many places.

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  4. Riders on the Storm — Eric Stevens.

Three-and-a-half stars. Aug 23, Jennifer rated it liked it. Going into this book, I thought Jim Morrison was a poet, a lover, and a Revolutionary. Though this is only John Densmore's side of the story the drummer of The Doors , the book focuses on Jim's extrincities, madness, possesiveness, jealousy, and narcissistic rage.

In fact, come to find out, many of The Doors' lyrics were written by fellow bandmates.

Jim was just the front man; the good-looking, rocker they needed to be taken seriously. Despite my thoughts of Jim as a free-loving, genius artist- Going into this book, I thought Jim Morrison was a poet, a lover, and a Revolutionary. Despite my thoughts of Jim as a free-loving, genius artist-poet of the '60s and that reputation being squashed down to a guy with some daddy issues, John Densmore's story of The Doors is entertaining and a page-turner.

Riders on the Storm: My Life with Jim Morrison and the Doors

Reading about their developement as artists in a transitional time from the 50s to the 60s was inspirational. Their determination, unwavering. The people they met along the way and performed with, the drug binges, experiments with transcendentalism and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi movement, and the graphic passion that came with being rockstars and having groupies - all make for an interesting read.

Jun 22, Kashmir White rated it it was amazing. I never liked Densmore - until I read this book. Now I see his side of the story! It can't have been easy living with Jim, much as we all love him. Anyway I believe this book would be most enjoyed by Doors addicts who have read other biographies and are ready for the next level. Lots of cool insights and little known facts. Highly recommended. View all 3 comments.

Apr 14, Troy rated it liked it Shelves: music.

John Densmore is a musician involved in multiple projects. He has also been involved in the theater. But like it or not, he will be forever remembered by millions of people as the drummer for The Doors, a rock band that had a month run from to In this book, he recounts those days. In this letter, the author pours out his feelings about those days, questioning Morrison's motivation and expressing the things he never did while the lead singer was alive. In fact, on the cover of this book, we find Densmore behind Morrison, peering over his shoulder.

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The author tries to move out of the background, asserting that he had a more important role in the band and several times that he is a superior drummer. Densmore give us little to indicate that he thinks very much of Manzarek. We also see a bit about his maturation as a person -- remember that these were four young men at practically the age I am now, trying to figure things out with the extra distraction of fame, fortune and all that comes with it.

He shares a lot about his relationship with his girlfriend, his philosophical growth and the conflicts of his lifestyle with his Catholic upbringing. The young Densmore put down materialism yet owned a home and a Jag. We see how he and the remaining members of the band did not want to 'sell out' yet continue to produce books, collections and videos. Hey, everyone's got to make a living. Morrison was spared from "selling out" by drinking himself to death -- hence the mystique.

This is not supposed to be a work of literature but one man's thoughts and feelings.