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Our community sees through exclusivity. We know the difference between authentic quality and feigned hype. Gold leaf does not improve food. We are apolitical, non-judgemental and we like to laugh. Because taking yourself too seriously could be fatal, and seriously shorten your bucket list! Love it or loathe it, the stag send-off is a modern rite of passage. Fortunately, gone are the days when a stag p The prince that was promised is finally here.

Everyone loves a royal ruckus and its finally good to see H The full range of Life of Riley Experiences. The smugglers opened fire on the Fireflies first, killing the man closest to Riley. Fearing for Riley's life, Ellie dove in front of her as Marlene shot one of the smugglers. Riley and Ellie ducked into a corner for safety while Marlene ran for cover. Seeing that she was pinned down by gunfire, Riley leaped from cover and attempted to grab a nearby gun lying on the ground. One of the smugglers grabbed her by her hood, stopping her.

Ellie hit the man with a brick, distracting him long enough for Riley to grab the gun and shoot him in the shoulder and kill him. Despite the number of dead surrounding them, Riley stated that her efforts made that the second time she helped Marlene and the Fireflies. Angry, Marlene grabbed Riley by the jacket and slammed her to the ground. She questioned whether or not Riley thought it was all a game.

Though Riley attempted to protest, Marlene chided her that dressing up like her and memorizing the charter of the Fireflies did not mean she understood what becoming a Firefly meant. Upset, Riley admitted to killing her father when he became infected. However, her admission did not sway Marlene from her decision and Riley reaffirmed that she believed in the cause of the Fireflies. Marlene showed her one of the bodies of her men and brought into question his beliefs. Threatening Riley with a gun, she suggested maiming Riley, as many of her men have ended up crippled fighting for what they believed in.

When she asked if Riley still wanted to become a Firefly, Riley's determination remained firm. Ellie bit the man holding her back when she heard Marlene cock her gun. She threatened to shoot Marlene if she did not move away from Riley, firing one round when the woman tried to dissuade her. Marlene convinced Ellie that she knew her mother, Anna , and promised to look after her. Ellie asked Riley what she should do.

Riley told her to put the gun down; Marlene had been nothing except honest with them.

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Afterwards, Marlene gave Ellie her mother's switchblade and ordered them to return to the school. Disillusioned, Riley followed Ellie out of the sewer and back onto the surface. When Ellie noticed her friend was troubled, Riley declared that there was no way out for them. Refusing to believe that, Ellie dismissed her mother's letter, the Fireflies and everyone in the city.

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She suggested that they run away and leave the zone in search of another place for them both. Riley began to cry and asked her to stop talking, knowing that leaving the zone would likely end in their deaths. They returned to the school and went their separate ways, Riley telling Ellie that she would see her tomorrow. Despite the rejection she experienced after meeting Marlene, Riley was still determined to become a Firefly.

After parting ways with Ellie following a heated argument between them, she came across Trevor , the Firefly that Ellie bit during their altercation with the smugglers. Assuming she had gone unnoticed, she followed him until he led her into an alley. There she was ambushed by several other Fireflies and taken directly to their hideout. She came face to face with Marlene who merely asks, "What took you so long? As a part of her initiation ceremony, Riley was ordered to kill someone who had become infected.

Afterward, Riley inquires whether or not Ellie could join them, a request Marlene would deny shortly before forbidding Riley to see Ellie again. Riley remained on her own for six weeks and made no contact with Ellie.

Three weeks prior to the events to meeting Joel , Riley chose to return and visit her friend. Entering her bedroom, she pretended to be an Infected and surprised the sleeping Ellie. Ellie knocked her off the bed and nearly stabs her, but hesitated. Riley made fun of her reaction and asked whether or not she wanted to know what she had been up to.

Instead of answering, Ellie told Riley she thought she was dead. Understanding Ellie's frustrations at her disappearance, Riley revealed that she had become a Firefly and offered to explain everything. Upon exiting the school, they encountered a patrol and ducked inside an abandoned building for cover. As Riley led Ellie through the structure, she revealed how she became a Firefly after she tailed one of the men they met previously when they found Marlene.

As they travel further up and inside the building, Riley asked about Ellie's social life, whether or not she hung out with the other kids in school, particularly Tino and her other friends as she knew Ellie speaks with them. Ellie told her she doesn't socialize with many people and that she never made an effort to become close with Riley's friends.

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As Riley surveyed the area from a damaged wall, Ellie asked if Riley had "found the light" and whether or not she bought into the creed of Marlene's cause. Noting her skepticism, Riley merely told her that with the Fireflies, she was "not a solider". As they prepared to leave the ruined building, Riley rebuked a radio transmission that purported to have kept the Quarantine Zone free of the infection for thirty days. She told Ellie that the Infected continued to appeared in the zone more than the military let on, and they were lying to the population.

She nearly revealed that one of the stipulations to become a Firefly was to kill an infected, but she veered from the subject entirely. Riley told Ellie to hide when she spots another patrol on the approach, they watched the trucks pass in the distance.

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Continuing on, Ellie suggested that she become a Firefly; however, Riley revealed Marlene wants her "safe" inside the school, concerned that Riley would get her into trouble. They finally enter the mall Riley brought her to when they first met. Riley attempted to recall that day, but Ellie demanded to know why she brought her here. Riley merely told Ellie she had a surprise for her and refused to provide a solid answer. When Ellie spotted a poster for a water gun, she informed a disbelieving Riley that she almost stole back their guns from Corporal "Dickhead" but she was caught in the act.

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Traveling down an escalator, Riley advised Ellie to give up trying to get the guns back. They reached Winston's camp where Riley lamented the loss of her friend and asked how he died. When Ellie revealed he died of a heart attack, Riley wondered how many survivors were afforded the chance to die of natural causes post-outbreak.

Searching through Winston's tent, Riley discovered a bottle of alcohol and offered Ellie a drink. Reaching the other end of the mall across from Winston's camp, Riley and Ellie attempted to lift a car to use to climb to the other side of the mall. However, the support beam snapped and the route is blocked.

Riley suggested finding another way to their destination.

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Ellie spotted an open window above a door and offered to hoist Riley up and over to unlock the door. Riley complied with the plan and climbed over the window. Riley unlocked the door, scaring Ellie with a clown mask. Surprised by the collection of Halloween decorations inside, Riley spied a werewolf mask and ordered Ellie to put it on. Though her friend was less than compliant, Ellie went along with Riley and pretended, halfheartedly, to be a werewolf.

Exploring the rest of the store, Riley found a Frankenstein mask and hid inside a coffin in another attempt to frighten Ellie again. They fooled around in the store for a while longer before moving on.